Jacintha Damstrom, Finland

About Jacintha Damstrom


Jacintha Damström, who has been performing as a cirkus artist since 1996, started with improv in 2012 in a trilingual group called IMP from Helsinki. In 2016 she was invited to perform in the wordless Decibel!-show besides the French comedians Morgan Mansouri and Frédéric Pont, with whom she integrated acrobatics into improve, besides mime and comedy. Since then she has been invited to perform and to teach at improv festivals around Europe, both as a solo player and group member.


Beside improv, Jacintha works also as a classical musician, physical actress and clown in Helsinki, Finland, from where she originally came from.

Breathing Through Improv

by Jacintha Damstrom

Sat, 23 Nov, 2pm - 5pm

Venue: blrFLUX, 2nd floor, Above Copper Chimney, 12th main, Indiranagar.

1,600/- per person

A workshop where body and mind melts together and where a new zone of intimacy is found between the players through different breathing techniques. We will focus on accepting in a deeper level, and to support the other one with being 100 percent present.


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