Friendly Contributions

For a festival, we require financial support to pull through. If you would like to help us, click any of the images below to see the descriptions of exclusive Bengaluru Improv Festival giveaways in return for each contribution. 

Your contribution will give us a big hand in the following areas of the festival:

1. Marketing the festival
2. Printing event collaterals
3. Venue renting costs

5. Accommodation costs

Important notes about your donation:

1. The payment gateway service we have opted for is GoEventz. They are our trusted source. Once you make the donation, the amount will get processed to GoEventz following which it will reach our account.

2. There is no catch in any amount donated. What we have mentioned above is what you will receive.

3. All merchandise above that require shipping will be shipped regardless of whichever city in India you come from. We will personally get in touch with you to inform you about when we'd ship the merchandise.

4. If you are from outside of India and would like to donate, please get in touch with us first. This is for our understanding on how we can co-ordinate the delivery of the physical items mentioned above.

4. Once you have made the donation, you are free to inquire about where that contribution is being used.


4. For any more queries, you can get in touch with Nasir, the Festival Director on +91 99867 63466 or write to us on

Sponsor the festival

Are you an individual or company that sees potential for your brand in collaborating with the festival?

If that is so, feel free to contact Nasir, the Festival Director on +91 99867 63466 or email us on  

Volunteer with us!

We are organizing this festival for our love for the art of improvisation. We certainly need all the help that comes our way, including more hands to make this festival a truly memorable one. 

If you are going to be able to help in any way, fill this very teeny form right here and we'll look forward to have you onboard.