The Ha-BBs | Kaamedy inc.

The Ha-BBs: 

One is very tall, and the other, very stressed. One had the guts to travel around India on her own, and the other is Indian. Together, they will make a scene. 

Kaamedy Inc: 

Kaamedy Inc. is one of India's premier comedy groups which specializes in doing shows for corporate audiences.

Google Pay: 9986763466



Avant-Garde Madhouse | Instructors Special

Avant - Garde Madhouse:

From playing quarreling husband and wife, to clowning about as gladiator and lion, Tanine and Arjun have taken the stage together hundreds of times. While fate may have separated them and sent them to different parts of the globe, they're gonna relive some of those old memories right here, in Bangalore. Days apart: 403 days, and counting.

Instructor Special:

How can we not have the icing on the cake with our lovely band of instructors at the festival taking stage as well?! 

Google Pay: 9986763466